Monday, 9 February 2015

How our storyboard will be laid out-

The way our storyboard will be laid out in order:
  1.  Disc into dvd player
  2. Crackling TV screen
  3. News report showing burning car
  4. He is imagining a burning death certificate
  5. There will be a black screen
  6. Pan of cemetery - audience understands the location of where the murder is
  7. Shot of murderer digging up mud - the bones. It will be a slow mo shot and the camera will follow the murderers feet into washing the bones.
  8. Point of view shot - washing the bones - see the bones dangling as he is walking
  9. Slow mo shot of the dirt going down the drain
  10. Pan of the window sill - audience looks at the family pictures, making it clear to the audience that he has a twin brother.
  11. Murderer grabs a family photo and smashes it - slow mo shot when the glass is falling
  12. The mum is looking through a newspaper, she flicks and sees an article on a women that gave birth to twins. She looks at newspaper and sees a man that looks like her husband with her missing son Morgan. 
  13. Zooms in on missing poster - zooms in on the missing boy's face
  14. Missing poster floats down in slow mo - sets on fire
  15. Close up/zoom in shot of the murderer's eye
  16. There will be a black screen
  17. Through the black screen there will be a candle in the distance
  18. Zoom in of the candle - close up of the candle being blown out
  19. From the candle being blown out, the title of the film comes out

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