Monday, 9 February 2015

The main cast for our film

Courtney Cox, is going to play the mother in our film. We decided to pick Courtney Cox for this role as she has been in all 4 scream films and knows the thriller/ horror genre well, so we thought she would be able to adapt to this role easily. 

Paul Dano, is going to play both the Father that dies at the beginning of our film and also he is going to play the villain in our film which is the twin brother. We picked him for this role because he played a similar role in Prisoners which was another film we looked into. In this film he was accused of abducting two girls and in the film he acted psychopathic and this is what we would like him to act like in our film we need him to act similar in our film.

Leonardo DiCaprio, is going to play the main investing detective/ police officer leading the case to find the missing boy. We thought he would be good at playing this role as he is always a leading man in films and also he has been in psychological films such as Inception and Shutter Island. 

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