Monday, 9 February 2015

Schedule for filming

Schedule for filming-

Tuesday 10th February 2015-

We are going to make a death certificate, a missing poster and a newspaper article for our title sequence. We will try to film some of these on fire. This day we will basically be making and filming our props.
Wednesday 11th February 2015-

We are going to make the news report on a car that has been blown up and someone has died from it but they can't find any cause of it or any suspects. We will then burn it on to a DVD.
Thursday 12th February 2015-

We are going to film a pan of a cemetery, one of our group digging up some mud which will be filmed at a tennis club I am a member of. We will also film a shot of feet and a spade dragging along the floor. This will also be filmed at the tennis club. We will also film dirt going down the drain at the tennis club which will be filmed in slow mo.

Monday 16th February 2015-

We will film a pan of a window sill with family photos on - the murderer will see the picture of him and his twin brother and smash it. The smashing of the glass will also be filmed in slow mo. We will film one of our group members looking at a newspaper and she sees an article on a women that gave birth to twins. Filming Hannah looking at the newspaper and she sees a man that looks like her husband and who is with her missing son Morgan.

Tuesday 17th February 2015-

We will film our missing poster that we made on Wednesday and film it floating down in slow mo, we will also film the candle blowing out on this day.

Wednesday 18th February 2015-

This day we will make any final touches and re shoot scenes if needed.

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