Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Analysing title sequence for 'The Game'

Analyse the title sequence for 'The Game'.

I wanted to look at this title sequence as another one to base my work around. in the opening part of the title sequence the background and the writing dissolves into puzzle pieces which cold suggest that this film is going to be a mystery and also the puzzle pieces represent a game which is the title of the film. Throughout this whole title sequence there is no dialogue and there is only music which adds mystery to the film as the audience doesn't know what is going to happen and they don't know the characters yet. There are a lot of references to water in this title sequence which could foreshadow what is going to happen later on in the film. For example, the audience sees a shot of 3 sail boats on the water and then the audience sees a man giving a young boy a sail boat. this then suggests to the audience that they could have some connection. Also further into the title sequence, the audience sees a young boy getting pushed into a swimming pool by his friends which could foreshadow later events that will happen in the film. The audience could assume that this whole title sequence is a flash black of the young boy that the audience lasts sees at the end of the title sequence. The title sequence then cuts to present day of the young boy grown up washing his face with water. This is another part of the title sequence where water is referred to. The audience could also assume that the grown man that they see at the end of the title sequence is the same boy that we see in the title sequence. The audience could suggest that it is this young man's birthday when he is having flashbacks but it is also his birthday when the title sequence ends in present day.

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