Thursday, 15 January 2015

Analysis of Zombieland title sequence

Analysis of Zombieland title sequence
 In this title sequence, there is a contrast of two genres which are horror and comedy. These are both portrayed in the title sequence because the producers of the film wanted the audience to know that these are the two genres that the film will revolve around. Throughout the title sequence the audience sees that mostly everyone in the city/town has turned into a zombie which suggests that no one has been left out in this zombie apocalypse.

By audiences watching this title sequence they will understand that there will be a lot of gore surrounding the film as there are zombies involved. In this title sequence, audiences see a lot of gore and blood which they could associate with horror films so they would know what to expect. In this title sequence there is no difference with lighting and the lighting is natural because of where it is being filmed so it gives the film a sense of realism. The slow motion shots that are used are there to make an impact because they are meant to be scary but also make the title sequence funnier and tenser. This then tells the audience that the film is a comedy horror. The editing that is used in this title sequence are quick cuts which also show a sense of realism because these quick cuts represent the rush that each of the characters in the title sequence are in. The font that is used in this title sequence is coloured dark red which could have the connotations of death and blood. This then tells the audience that this film will probably consist of these two things. The producers of this film chose to have the text shattered throughout each attack because they wanted the audience to know that the film will be about the disruption of normality as a zombie apocalypse isn’t something that happens every day. During this title sequence an enigma is created because the audience are curious as they want to know if the humans will overcome the zombies. This then results in the audience wanting to watch the film as they want to know what happens. Also in this title sequence irony has been used to start up the humour in the film because a man wearing a ‘the end is near’ sign is attacked by zombies. This suggests to the audience that the film will contain a humorous element to it. It also suggests that this film won’t be a typical zombie film and won’t just contain elements of horror but will also contain elements of comedy. Whilst this man is getting attacked, there are two people in the background that run off which could suggest that in this film everyone doesn’t care about each other and they only care about their selves. But it also shows to the audience that the characters in this film have lost hope and they are just desperate to survive and don’t care about anyone else. 

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