Wednesday, 28 January 2015

What is STINCS?

What is STINCS?

Setting - where the film is set and takes place

Theme - genre of the film 

Iconography - the visual elements that portrayed in the film 

Narrative - the story line or the plot

Characters - main characters in the film but also minor characters 

Style - the way the story is put together

Applying STINCS to our film:

Setting - The film is going to be set in various locations. Like Canada when they go on holiday. The fair when they are tracking down the son and twin brother. Also a local house in America where the family lives.

Theme - the genre of our film is crime/mystery/physiological

Iconography - the visual elements that will be portrayed in our film will be bones (the six small bones), blood, fire and police tools like torches etc.

Narrative - the story line for our film is that a boy goes missing, but his dad's twin brother has taken him. The twin brother has left six small bones to make it look like the boy died. The police and mum try to find both the boy and twin brother. They find both of them and take the twin brother to be questioned. The audience will see the twin brother being questioned but they won't hear any of his responses and the film ends.
Characters - we have two main characters in our film. They are Leonardo DiCaprio which plays the twin brother and Paul Dano who plays the police officer. We haven't decided on who will play the mum and the missing boy in the film.

Style - we have used Todorov's theory to put our film together.

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