Thursday, 15 January 2015

Analyse the title sequence for splice

Splice is a sci-fi thriller by Vincenzo natal about two successful young genetic engineers who experiment with humans and animal to create a DNA superior creature. The term 'splicing' means to combine segments of DNA to form a new genetic combination. This title sequence portrays through the visual effects that they include in the title sequence. In some aspects the title sequence relates to the film because it shows DNA combining which creates a chilling effect for the audience. The use of dark lighting and blurriness is used in the title sequence to make it unclear to the audience what is lurking in the waters. The typography that is used in this title sequence imitates the veins that are on the creature and this gives the audience an idea of the narrative and creates an eerie atmosphere. I like how the x-rays of the animals change into  the companies logo. This part suggests to the audience that the film is going to be a horror film and they should suspect more things like this. The music that is used in this title sequence is eerie which adds to the whole atmosphere that the title sequence creates. As the title sequence goes on, the pace gets quicker and so does the music that is used which is parallel to what is happening on screen. From this title sequence the audience begins to understand that the character isn't a person but is a creature. The audience can understand this from all of the features in the body that aren't normal. For example, the scales, the veins popping out and dark colour of the skin.

The genre of this film is a horror/thriller and the conventions of this genre is: 

  • Setting - isolate places, small communities, dark streets and alleyways. 
  • Iconography - dark colours like red or black - this links to blood/evil. 
  • Narrative - there is a classic narrative structure 
  • Characters - the hero (protagonist), a man or 'final girl' for the film, police officers (good or bad), the villain (monster, freak, alien or serial killer. 
  • Themes - religion, childhood, beyond death, supernatural, nightmares. 

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