Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Research evidence - looking at Sinister and Taken title sequences

Research Evidence: 

For our main task, we are going to create a title sequence for a crime/horror film. I am going to look at Sinister and Taken. From the information that I gather from these films I will be able to get ideas to put into my own film sequence and may be able to base my title sequences on these films.

The first film that I am going to research into is Sinister which is a Crime/Horror. First of all I looked at this title sequence and what I liked about it was that they used different types of books and filmed it which created a good impact. Also I liked the music that they used for it and I think when creating my title sequence I should pick the right music because it would create a good impact on my title sequence. The music that you use when creating a title sequence has to be effective because you want the audience to recognise the film when they hear this music. This film is about when a crime writer moves him and his family into a house where a horrific crime took place earlier but his family doesn't know this and he is the only one that does. He has moved into this specific house because he wants to find out more about the crime so he can write a book about it to make his career better. Whilst moving in he finds film footage to help him with his research but he soon discovers a figure in each of the films. Then from this point, his family start to suffer as well as him and this leads the audience to think will they survive in this house. I looked at this title sequence because I liked the way that they filmed it as it looked very old fashioned and that is something that I want to co-operate into my own idea.

The second film that I am going to research into is Taken which is a Crime/Thriller. I first looked at the title sequence of this film and throughout the whole title sequence it filmed a skyline which could suggest to the audience that the film is going to be set in a city. Also the buildings that were in the skyline were red and put against a black back drop. When people were watching this film and saw this title sequence they could suspect that red meant blood and could suspect that this film would be gory. What I liked about this title sequence was that it was simple but it was effective. It also gave clues as to what the film would be about and also straight away the name of the film was introduced and the stars that would be appearing in it. Also the music that they used was effective and is went with the whole idea of the film. This film is about a retired CIA agent that has to travel to Europe because his daughter has been kidnapped whilst on trip to Paris.

I chose these two films to look at because the genre of my film is both crime and thriller and both of these films incorporate these two genres. I looked at Taken 2 because it is about a girl that goes missing and my group's plan for our film is to make it about a boy that goes missing on holiday with his family. I also looked at Sinister and its title sequence because it is about a crime that took place at a house and I wanted to look at this title sequence to get some inspiration and to see how they filmed it.

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  1. Analyse in more detail. Use screenshots to illustrate micro and macro