Wednesday, 21 January 2015

General research into title sequences

General research into title sequences (codes, conventions, purpose)

In this blog post, I am going to be discussing the codes, conventions and the purpose of title sequences.

The purpose of an title sequence is to establish the mood and visual character of a film and introduce the viewer to all or some of these elements. These elements are characters, locations, the narrative of the film, the themes and the genre. The aim of the title sequence is to establish these elements of a film. During a title sequence, the audience will be introduced to the director, producer, the actors that star in the film and most important the title of the film. The purpose of a title sequence is to give little clues to the audience about what the film may be about so they are intrigued and want to watch more. Title sequences usually hint to the audience what the film will be about and they are a powerful expression of motion graphics. A main function of a title sequence is to set the tone of the film that the audience is about to watch and by watching a title sequence, the audience gets a sense of the genre just by watching the first seconds of a title sequence. Most effective title sequences engage the audience into the film that they are about to watch by hinting at some of the themes and topics that may be shown in the film. The title sequence may also reveal some main characters to the audience. The aim for title sequences is to build anticipation, buts sometimes they reveal the main character's personality. Also there could be an enigma that is built in the title sequence as audiences will want to know if it gets solved. The creator of any title sequence must visually capture the essence of the movie. Some of the following elements are things that both a designer or animator will have to keep in mind when creating a title sequence:

  • typography (font)
  • textures 
  • lighting
  • camera/movement style
  • editing
  • techniques/styles
  • imagery

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