Monday, 26 January 2015

Film Pitch in front of class and feedback.

Today in our media lesson Hannah and I pitched our film idea to the class and our teacher. The feedback that we got were both negative and positive. Many people liked our film title but didn't like all the writing that we had on each slide and they wanted us to use more pictures to explain things. This was the opening slide for our presentation and many people liked the concept of the flames because it refers to something that happens in the film.

Below are feedback sheets that all the class were given when we were doing our pitch. Most people thought that our story was very detailed and they understood why we chose to rate our film a 15. Many people thought that a simple breakdown of the narrative was something that needed to be developed in our pitch. They also wanted us to reconsider the characters that we were using in our film. This is because most of the class thought that Leonardo DiCaprio should be playing a main character and also they couldn't understand who our main character was and wanted us to develop on that more. Also the class wanted us to expand on the research that we did for the films that were similar to our genre and that influenced us. They want us to do a slide for each film that influenced us to create this film. For example we looked at two films which were called Prisoners and Taken. Also the feedback we got explained that we need to re-think our budget and gross profit for our film as we have Leonardo DiCaprio in our film. We also need to add more information about the film studio we have chosen to produce our film.

Below are feedback sheets that all the class were given when we were doing our pitch:

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