Friday, 30 January 2015

Stanley Kubrick - the title sequence designer

I am looking at Stanley Kubrick because he did the title sequence for The Shining and this film is a similar genre to the one I am doing for my film. This film is a physiological/crime film which is what genre my film is going to be.

This is the title sequence for The Shining. Stanley Kubrick wanted to establish an ominous mood whilst the character was driving up the hotel. The vast isolation of mountains and winding roads create a feeling of mystery for the audience. There is an extreme long shot of the settings to show the audience where the film is taking place. Also, Kubrick shows isolation in the nature which could represent isolation and no one being around. Throughout the title sequence, the mountains are always seen in the shots which could suggest to the audience that this will be a key location throughout the film. Kubrick uses a high angle shot to show the car driving alone on an empty and by using this angle the car looks smaller compared to the surroundings. Throughout this title sequence, the settings stay the same which could suggest to the audience that isolation will be a key theme throughout this film. In the title sequence, the music is played throughout in the background which adds tension to the film for the audience. As the main focus is on the location, it gives the audience an idea of where the film is going to be taking place.

About Stanley Kubrick-

Stanley Kubrick was an American film director, screenwriter and producer who was born on July 26 1928 and died on March 7 in 1999. He worked mostly in the UK. He is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential directors of all time. Typically, his films were adaptations of novels or short films, his films were described as having unique cinematography and his attention to detail in realism. Most of his films covered a variety of genres which included war, crime, romance, horror and science fiction.

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