Thursday, 5 March 2015

Burning our props-

These are the props that we used in our title sequence. When we made these props we decided to photo copy them so they went into black and white. We then gathered a black screen from one of the media rooms and took them into one of the science rooms so it was safe to set things on fire. We used matches, tongs and safety mats when we were burning our props. Below are the props that we photo copied: 

Below are the results of us setting these on fire. Once we did this we edited them into our title sequence.

Once adding them to our title sequence we added a black and white effect to each piece of footage that we shot: 

Above are the shots that we used in our title sequence. The only bit of the burning props that we turned into black and white was the burning death certificate. We kept the missing poster in colour because we wanted the flame to be in colour and the missing poster to be in black and white. 

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