Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Typography feedback

Typography feedback -

The feedback we got back about our typography was that most of the people we asked like the font that we originally chose for our title sequence but we wanted to have other fonts people could look at if they didn't think the one we chose fitted our genre. 

This is the typography that we have chosen to use in our title sequence and this is how the title will appear in our title sequence. Below are the other types of fonts I chose that I thought would go well with our genre: 
The reason we didn't pick any of the other fonts was because we thought they didn't suit our genre as well as the one we chose did. This is because we thought that most of them looked like they belonged in a horror film which isn't the same as our genre. But I liked the font that we picked because it looks formal but not too formal and its quite distorted which is something we wanted to portray in our title sequence. In our title sequence, all of our credits will appear on either a black screen we put in between shots or it will appear within some of our footage. When we start editing again tomorrow we will decide whether we want our typography on a black screen or on our actual footage. 

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