Thursday, 26 March 2015

Evaluation - Part 7

Part 7 - What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

When talking about technology that is involved with pre-production, production and post production we decided to use a mini Nikon camera to film most of the parts of our title sequence. With some shots in our title sequence, we used an iPhone because with this type of phone they can shoot in slow mo already and this is what we wanted to do. When we editing our footage in post production, we decided to use Mac computers so we could use a software called Final Cut Pro to edit our footage. These decisions were made because this was the easiest way to edit and film our footage. We also made the decision to use a Nikon camera because the quality of the footage would be better than if we used a normal camera. We needed a camera that shot in better quality as most of our shots had to be focused so the audience could get a better idea of our narrative. 
We used the Mac computers when editing all of our footage, with these computers we could access the internet so we could look for font and music and that we wanted in our title sequence. When filming our title sequence, we used a TV as we wanted to project a news report off of it. This TV was used right at the start of our filming process. There were many things that were successful when we were using new technology in the production process like the quality of our shots were good as we used a professional camera. I think there were many things that were less successful when filming our title sequence. For example, when filming our shots there were many that had to be re-shot which took up a lot of time but once we re shot them they looked a lot better than the original ones. A
s I have never media before it was a chance for me to get familiar with this technology and it helped me know how to use software like Final Cut pro etc. 

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