Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Title sequence feedback-

Title sequence feedback-

Today in class my group and I showed our title sequence to the class. When we presented our title sequence there were many things that needed to be done like the typography, the green screen effects and the colour effects. Many people liked our soundtrack and thought it went well with our title sequence. Some people liked the way we burnt the death certificate and the missing poster. Someone wrote that they got some sense of the narrative from the newspaper that featured in our title sequence. Many people in our class thought that things that needed to be developed are that the shots are too long because all of our shots are slo mo.

People in our class thought that the ending wasn't clear enough and there needed to be a build up or a climax. Also some of our class thought that many of our shots were out of focused but that was only because most of our shots were in slo mo.

Today we are going to improve on this feedback that we got by adding effects to our green screen, adding effects to our sequence and putting in transitions to make the shots flow better. Below are some feedback sheets that the class filled out:

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