Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Evaluation - Part 1

Part 1 - Brief 

Our brief that we were given at the start of this coursework was that we had to create a title sequence for a film idea that we would come up with and it could be for any genre of film. Our title that we chose for our title sequence is 'six small bones'. We chose this title because in our narrative the twin brother who is the villain in our story digs up six small bones to make it look like his nephew has died in a forest fire but really he has kidnapped his nephew. In our opening sequence, we decided to start it with the crackling of a TV and then it dissolves into a news report that we filmed in school and used one of our teachers. Then it cuts back to the TV crackling and our chosen music starts. The audience will see shots of a cemetery and a death certificate on fire all cross dissolved into one. There are then shots of one of my group member's mum and dad walking but all you can see is their feet and then there is a shot of a spade and digging up of mud. I then cross dissolved all these pieces of footage into one. There is then a shot of one of my teacher's washing their hands as they have mud on their hands from the digging up, then there is a shot of blood on the sink. There is then a shot of trees that we have speed to make it look like time has passed, then there is a shot of newspapers on the floor. It then cross dissolves into a window sill with frames on it and then next shot is one of the frames smashed. Then we have burnt a missing poster which is in our title sequence and then it cross dissolves into another shot of the sky which cross dissolves into a candle and when it gets blown out the title appears. 

I think that our sub-genre is thriller/suspense because the genre of our film is a thriller/mystery/crime. I would also say that our film has some psychological elements in it. This would mean that our film was a suspenseful thriller in which the conflict between the characters is mental and emotional rather than physical—until an often violent resolution.

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